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• 53 Piers  • Aloha Tower and Marketplace • Harbor Office
• Restrooms • Cruise Ship Terminals • Domestic Fishing Village
• Inter-Island Cargo Terminal • Sand Island Container Terminal
• Foreign Container Terminal • Fuel Facility • Dry Docks
• US Coast Guard Station • Harbor Fire Station  • Tugboats
• Pilotboats • Foreign Trade Zone • Petroleum Storage
• Dinner Cruises • Commercial Fishing Boats • Fish Auction House
• Offices, Warehouses, Storage • UH Marine Center
79 South Nimitz Hwy. , Honolulu, Hi. 96813

Harbor Office: (808) 587-2050

Dept. of Transportation Harbors Division
Pier 11 Gallery, 700 Fort Street, Honolulu, HI 96813

20° 52′ 00″ N, 156° 40′ 00″ W

NOAA NAUTICAL CHART #19367 - Island of Oahu, Honolulu Harbor
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Honolulu Harbor is the principal seaport of Honolulu and the State of Hawaiʻi and is also known as Kulolia
and Ke Awa O Kou. It began as a small fishing village and it is from Honolulu Harbor, that the City & County
of Honolulu was developed and urbanized over the course of modern history.

Honolulu Harbor has beautiful views of the Ko'olau Mountains mixed with modern glass high rises in the
financial district.

Honolulu Harbor handles over 11 million tons of cargo annually, critical to the economy of Hawaii, everything
from oil, to toilet paper to 85% of all the food Hawaii consumes.
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Aloha Tower Marketplace, Pier 8, 1 Aloha Tower Drive, Honolulu, HI 96813